The United Papuan Hope Foundation Wants to Develop Sports and Education –  The education system in Indonesia is still in the concern because it is not fully evenly distributed, especially for eastern Indonesia. Inadequate school facilities prevent children in eastern Indonesia from getting a feasible education.

Special for Papua, there are still many children who do not have access to good schools, so many Papuan children have moved to Java Island to be able to contribute and make Papua and Indonesia proud.

Because of that, a number of sons and daughters from the Papua region formed a foundation called Harapan Papua Bersatu.

They unite to make Papua and Indonesia proud through sports. The chairman of the United Papuan Hope Foundation, Dede Yakobus Pubudanang said that the establishment of this foundation was to embrace the Papuan generation overseas to excel in the field of sports.

“But now we are showing that Papuan children can also make Indonesia proud and especially the land of Papua through sports and education,” said Dede in his statement, (1/6/2021). Dede said that before the Papua New Hope Foundation was founded, they first formed a small organization called the Papua Top Team.

“To accommodate and facilitate Papuan youth who wish to excel in sports and academics,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Chairperson of the United Papuan Hope Foundation, Yordan Hilapok said, even though they carried the name Papua, they did not close themselves if there were young people from other regions to join the United Papuan Hope Foundation.

That is, Dede invites all young people to build all regions in Indonesia.

“The United Papuan Hope Foundation is a forum for the younger generation to funnel their talents and abilities in their respective fields,” said Jordan.

Yordan said that this foundation has several fields, including the art division chaired by Abdul Harris Kamarudin.

Then, the division of martial art led by Yermias Yohanes Tanoy. Then, the education division headed by Elianus Enembe.

“Not a few of us have long careers in their respective fields. With open arms, we invite all young people to build Indonesia together,” he said. 

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