Papua Provincial Government Adapts to the Era of Digitalization – The Papuan provincial government is gradually adapting to the digitalization-based system that the central government has begun to implement.

One of them is by launching an electronic signature within the Papua Provincial Government. One by one the regional apparatus organizations (OPD) in the local environment are expected to be able to adapt and eventually implement them.

As stated by the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Papua Province, Ridwan Rucintaun, his party has launched the application of electronic signatures to accelerate and facilitate public services to the community, starting with accelerating services to service recipients, such as teachers, nurses or others.

“The recipients of this service are scattered and isolated, so there are those whose pension decrees [SK] have not been issued for up to three years,” said Ridwan.

Electronic signatures are usually carried out on matters of authority including promotion, retirement and other employment matters.

“Hopefully more OPD will innovate to improve public services within the Papua Provincial Government,” he said.

With an electronic signature, he hopes that ASN in the Papua Provincial Government and districts and cities can be served quickly, especially promotions in the April period and beyond.

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