Only in Papua, These Tofu Snacks are Transported Far Away by Plane! – Papua is a province in Indonesia that is rich in metal mineral resources, such as copper, gold and silver. Behind the wealth of mineral resources, Papua also does not want to be left behind by its culinary tourism.

All regions have definitely their own special food, including in Papua, precisely in Intan Jaya.

A social media user shares videos of snacks in the interior of Papua via reels, one of the features offered by Instagram.

He uploaded the video at the request of his followers to review the snacks on the island nicknamed Earth of Cenderawasih.

The owner of the @hendrakaiju account, which has more than 51 thousand followers, initially came to a woman who was selling food in a medium-sized jar on the roadside, this short video has been watched 1.4 million times and has more than 33 thousand likes.

This unique snack sold by the name ‘Mama’ is in the form of rectangular tofu, the tofu is soaked in a special chili sauce and a mixture of thinly sliced ​​scallions, still hot.

This man named Hendra Agustiawan bought this unique snack at a price of IDR 10,000, which was actually sold for IDR 5,000. He got two tofus from Nabire, as the seller said in that clip.

Hendra finally asked again because of curiosity; “Boarding a plane?”

“Yes,” replied the salesman.

The video then sparked interesting comments from netizens. Here are some of them;

“You know, get on a plane, O Allah,” said one netizen.

“The year is on a plane,” said another.

There are also netizens who question why the tofu is actually packaged using a plastic bag.

“Why use plastic, huh? Please educate Bang, if you can still use banana leaves, just use banana leaves so you the plastic don’t harm” someone suggested.

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