One-third of Government Work for Papua – An Indonesian Presidential Chief of Staff, Moeldoko, conducetd a working visit to Biak Numfor, Papua, Monday (30/5/2022). This visit followed up on President Joko Widodo’s meeting with the Regent of Biak Numfor, Herry Ario Naap, on May 20, 2022.

“My visit today was ordered by the President. To see directly how big Biak’s potential is geopolitically and economically. And since the beginning KSP has been consistent in overseeing the development of Papua, especially Biak,” said Moeldoko.

Moeldoko conveyed that President Jokowi had four strategic agendas related to accelerating the development of Papua’s welfare, especially in the Seireri customary area, which includes the districts of Biak Numfor, Supiori, Yapen Islands, and Waropen.

The four agendas, he said, were the development of fishery potential along with the Sarpras and supporting infrastructure, the construction of a space airport, local economic development, and the 2023 Cenderawasih Bay Sail international event.

To ensure that President Jokowi’s strategic agendas are running, Moeldoko emphasized the importance of collaboration across all lines, starting from the central government, regional governments, and the ranks of the TNI-Polri. So that this momentum can effectively and optimally realize the acceleration of development in Papua, especially in Biak Island.

“I myself want the development of Papua has a leap. There must be a boost for the development of education, health, and others. Because the President is concerned about this. For that we need collaboration from all parties,” he said.

On that occasion, Moeldoko also reminded the local government to really use the special autonomy funds for the welfare of the Papuan people.

“I urge that it is strictly guarded for the benefit of the community and that you don’t feel alone. Because one third of our work at the center is for Papua,” Moeldoko said.

After delivering his directive, Moeldoko who was accompanied by a Deputy V of the Indonesian Presidential Chief of Staff Jaleswari Pramodhawardani conducted aerial surveillance in the Biak Numfor area.

By using the CN 235 AI-2317 Air Squadron 27, Moeldoko saw immediately the strategic locations for the development of marine and fisheries potential as well as the development of defense and security forces that could support the implementation of the welfare development of Papua.

“I saw how big Biak’s potential is. It’s just a matter of how now we unite our strengths to develop this potential, both geopolitically and economically,” concluded Moeldoko.

Present at the event were the Regent of Biak Numfor Herry Ario Naap, Commander of the Joint Regional Defense Command III Lt. Gen. TNI I Nyoman Cantiasa, Commander of the Operations Command III of the Indonesian Air Force Biak Marsma TNI Samsul Rizal, Kabinda of Papua, Maj. Gen. TNI Gustav Agus Irianto, and the Biak Numfor Forkopimda.

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