Keep Building, Papua

(The last part of 2 writings) – Education is one of the key for the development and acceleration of adoption and technological innovation, in an effort to pursue the acceleration of development. Education in Papua at the present is still one of the big challenges that must be dealt with. As soon as the area with low connectivity, hard terrain, is a major obstacles in the implementation of education in Papua.

 Furthermore, the uneven spread of population also made it difficult for the construction of educational facilities. The other obstacles, like the lack of teaching staff at various levels both at the elementary and high school, make the development of the education sector in Papua to be harder.

Law Number 21/2001 concerning Special Autonomy for Papua Province mandates affirmations to strengthen the original Papuan human resources (HR). In changes to the Special Autonomy Law that has been done is nothing more intended to expand development in Papua and prioritize OAP rights.

 Therefore, government programs to be implemented can provide affirmations for the acceleration of the development of the original Papuan HR.  The affirmation policies that can be applied through collaboration with advanced PTN in Java, including polytechnics and professional institutions with certain expertise so that the educated human resources can be realized faster.

As population in other parts of Indonesia, Papuan people are also essentially have superior potential to continue to be trained and developed. Septinus George Saa is one of the pride of Papua who was able to achieve as the winner of the First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics competition in 2004.

It means, human resources in the Papua area, as other Indonesian children, with good education management will be able to become superior HR. At the present, The Special Autonomy Law that have just been ratified make us to wait for commitment and  determination of government , especially the local government at Papua, to manage the education budget properly and optimally to achieve the better the quality of Papuan people’s resources. Hopefully.

Author: Candra Fajri Ananda, PhD (Special Staff of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance)

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