Enuma’s Commitment to Improve the Quality of Education in West Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Enuma, an education-based technology company for beginner learners, collaborated with the West Papua Education Office to hold a workshop with the theme “Exciting Literacy for Indonesian Children”.

Workshops on personalized learning with attractive and varied features involving 100 participants from kindergarten/PAUD and elementary school teachers, literacy communities, educational foundations, companies, and partner institutions.

The activities are held in accordance with the mission of the West Papua government in improving the quality of basic services in the education sector. Early childhood education is believed to be an important element as the foundation and the best investment to improve human resources (HR).

“We see that children have a high curiosity, so the role of good teachers and parents is to facilitate this curiosity. Having this workshop will help teachers in Sorong accelerate the improvement of the quality of early childhood education,” said the Head of the Sorong City Education Office, Yulia Atmini, Tuesday 15 November 2022.

A Director of Enuma Indonesia, Julia Adrian said, Enuma has consistently supported local governments in Indonesia to meet the needs of digital-based learning, especially in early childhood, since 2021.

This year, Enuma collaborated with the Provincial Government of West Nusa Tenggara, Bengkulu Provincial Government, and Lubuklinggau City Government in presenting the Enuma School application as part of the learning method.

Most recently, Enuma has also expanded partnerships with several Muhammadiyah schools in the North Sumatra, Lampung, Bangka Belitung, South Kalimantan, and South Sumatra regions involving 54 schools and 3,000 students.

“Enuma really cares about children who have learning difficulties and often don’t have enough preparation for school. We also realize that each region needs a different approach and touch in teaching methods to children,” said Julia.

Juli hopes that this workshop can help the 100 teachers to be trained in accompanying students in the future to be able to adapt to digital-based learning materials.

“I hope that by organizing this workshop, we hope to be able to support children’s needs in learning according to their individual needs wherever they are,” he concluded.

Teacher representative, Sulastri welcomed the workshop process organized by Enuma. For him, stories and games in the Enuma application make learning more interesting and fun according to the needs of early childhood.

“Of course, we get happy with this workshop, so we can be better prepared to enter the all-digital era of education,” he said.

It is known that prior to holding today’s workshop, Enuma had also approached dozens of students from a number of schools in the West Papua region.

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