Nobar Film of Struggle Commemorating Hero’s Day – The Yapen Islands Resort Police held a group viewing [NOBAR] or film performance for the struggle for independence to commemorate Heroes’ Day, November 10, 2022.

The film for the struggle for independence was centered in Serui City square, followed by the Yapen Islands Police Chief, AKBP Herzoni Saragih. Drug action has been going on since a few nights ago.

“We show this film to remind the public and the younger generation about the struggle of the fighters in seizing and defending Indonesia’s independence from the invaders,” said Herzoni Saragih, Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

For him, the film of the struggle for independence is very good because it tells the history of Indonesia’s independence. “This film reminds us of the struggle of the heroes who fought for independence with all their souls,” he said.

He persuaded the young generation of the Yapen Islands to fulfill their independence by diligently studying to achieve their goals. “We must join hands with each other to maintain the unity and integrity of the nation regardless of ethnicity, religion and culture,” he said.

Tiser, one of the Yapen Islands students, expressed his gratitude to the police. Because through the nobar, he could understand how the fighters who gave up their souls were willing to sacrifice to defend the Indonesian nation.

“It’s very good struggle film, I like it and I understand better how we should love Indonesia more,” he said while seriously watching the scenes of the freedom fighters.

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