Yulian Kumbu, a Funny Content Creator from Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Have you ever seen someone making a video on YouTube, or someone posting a photo on theirĀ  feed Instagram ? Yes, they are content creators.

Simply, a content creator can be defined as a person who creates a content. The content they create is distributed to various available social media platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

However, actually the content creators are more than just content creators. They have a fairly large function in today’s marketing world. In fact, there are also those who call content creators the driving force of content marketing.

One of the content creators that is quite interesting lately is Yulian Kambu. In some of his content, he talks a lot about the Land of Papua. For him, this region located on the eastern horizon of Indonesia does have a cluster of cultures, customs, social systems, and various interesting destinations to visit.

In addition to his inland tribes who are famous internationally, Yulian Kumbu also often presents Papua as a ‘way home’ for the Papuan people themselves, which holds a lot of beauty and memories in it.

With Yulian Kumbu’s content, we know a lot about the uniqueness of Papua. Even the face of Papua from a different angle. Yuku Kumbu is an alternative media to see Papua up close. Why? Let’s ponder. When we talk about Jogja, we are definitely familiar with the monument and the friendly people. When we talk about Batak, we will definitely remember Denny Siregar, ups, it’s mean Claudia Sinaga until her screams of Horas..

But what about Papua? Most can only answer Koteka. At best memorizing the song Apuse with He Yamko Rambe Yamko. Do we know a Papuan leader like we know Ridwan Kamil from Bandung? Do we know tourism places in Papua as we know Tanah Lot in Bali? Do we know the deliciousness of papeda like we know the deliciousness of Pempek Palembang?

We don’t know the people, we only know the culture and we don’t even know the nature. This condition is intensified by the rife issues of separatism. As a result, when we meet Papuans at first glance, we immediately have bad thoughts. Whereas, the Papuans have their own special thoughts and are firm in the basic principles of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Well, Yulian Kumbu’s content can answer our limited problems regarding Papua. We can see Papua with a point of view  of panorama and love.

One of the videos that makes you smile is the one under the title “Facts and Myths About Papua that You Don’t Know”. In the video, Yulian shook his head because there were some people who thought that Papua only has forests and Papuans only wear koteka.

In addition, there is also a video entitled “Bule women say Papua is number one.” It actually contains strange perceptions of Caucasians about Papuans that make them laugh. It is very simple. But let’s admit, we certainly rarely see viral videos from Papua with funny content like this, don’t we?

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