YPK Remains Within the Frame of GKI Tanah Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – A Chairman of the Am Synod Working Body, Evangelical Christian Church (GKI) in Papua, Pdt. Andrikus Mofu, M.Th firmly said that the Christian Education Foundation (YPK) in Papua will not be separated and will remain one and within the framework of the GKI.

This was the statement by the Chair of the GKI Synod, Pdt. Andrikus Mofu in response to the recent rumors that were deliberately manipulated by certain individuals who wanted to separate the YPK to get out of the guidance and supervision of the GKI.

 “YPK cannot be separated from GKI, we hope in the future that YPK can be given more attention and be managed well,” said Rev. Wednesday (20/7/2022) night.

 He emphasized that the Evangelical Mission in Papua has recorded that the Christian Education Foundation or YPK is the biological child of GKI in Papua. Which has built a lot of history of educational civilization of indigenous Papuans.

 Pdt.Andrikus also explained that the presence of YPK by opening the veil of education during the Zending period decades ago until now has been able to feel the results in the life of the Papuan people. It can be seen and felt that there have been many education graduates from YPK who have now become leaders in various government, private and military institutions and the Police throughout the territory of Papua and outside Papua.

 On that occasion, Rev. Andrikus Mofu, advised all parties to help maintain the existence of YPK so that they remain the biological children of GKI.

He also remind again if there were elements who wanted to separate the YPK from the GKI. “There should be no intention and plan from intentional parties, including individuals who intend to shift the YPK from the GKI because the YPK is the yield of the GKI,” said the former Chairperson of the Sorong GKI Klasis.

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