YPK is the Mainstay Educational Institution in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Jan Jap Ormuseray, who is a native son of Tanah Merah, said that the assistance provided by the party was a form of support for the Christian Education Foundation to remain an educational institution that continues to advance and develop, especially in the world of education for the people of Tanah Papua.

“We handed over financial assistance to support the YPK work meeting activities in Papua, and it was worth Rp. 20 million and was received by Mr. Jimi Mehue, as a member of the Working Meeting committee,” said Jan Jap Ormuseray.

A head of the Papua Province Forestry and Environment Service also said that the assistance given to the YPK Working Meeting committee was because the foundation had helped Papuan civilization a lot, especially building Su. “The best sons and daughters in Papua are almost all from the YPK education and I myself am also a former YPK education,” he said.

Therefore, he hopes that the implementation of this working meeting can produce more productive and better decisions regarding the future development of the YPK. Especially the development of educational institutions under YPK.

On the same day, the man who is usually called JJO also handed over food and financial aid for the Amos Tablanusu Congregation, Depapre. The assistance is intended for youth in the congregation who are carrying out Easter camp.

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