Youth20 Promotes Diversity and Inclusion at the Summit in Papua – A youth forum in a series of G20 events, namely Youth 20 (Y20) officially opened the 4th Pre-KTT in Manokwari, West Papua. In the Pre-Summit, Indonesia brought up the issue of diversity and inclusion.

A Co-Chair Y20 Indonesia 2022, Nurul Hidayatul Ummah, explained that inequality affects all segments of society and harms vulnerable groups, who are often young people. Inadequate investment in human resources and growing intolerance in society are some of the biggest challenges facing the young generation today.

“The world’s youth population has now reached 1.8 billion. It’s the biggest in history. Young people can actually be a great force to drive development and social and economic transformation if they are given the skills, knowledge, and opportunities they need to develop,” said Nurul, Sunday (19/6/2022).

A Minister of Youth and Sports, Zainudin Amali represented by the Deputy Assistant for Youth Partnerships and Awards of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora), Wisler Manalu, conveyed the same thing. He hopes that the Y20 forum can produce recommendations related to improving the quality of human resources to improve the quality of life of young people.

“Focusing on increasing the capacity and quality of human resources in the greatest youth generation in history can be a powerful way to achieve social development,” explains Wisler.

The Pj. The Governor of West Papua, represented by the Regional Secretary for West Papua, Nathaniel Dominggus Mandacan. He was proud that this event involved various elements of young people not only at the national level, but also at the global level.

“This is a collaborative meeting place for various innovative and creative thoughts among youth for the advancement of Indonesia’s development, but also to contribute to the progress of the world and the benefit of mankind,” he explained.

The 4th Y20 Pre-KTT also held a talk show related to inclusive education. The speakers discussed the issue of education in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic to education for children with special needs.

In the talk show,’s Chief Business Officer, Steffina Yuli, underlined the existence of digital infrastructure gaps such as internet connections between urban and rural areas. For this reason, provides technology that allows students to access subject matter without the internet.

“There needs to be a solution that can bridge them without having to wait for the readiness of digital infrastructure. We also need to make sure the solution is affordable,” explained Steffina.

A Co-Chair of the G20 2022 Education Working Group and the Director General of GTK Kemendikbudristek, Iwan Syahril, encourage each province to have a teacher university with a good education study program for children with special needs.

“We must believe with all our hearts that in education, every child, including those with special needs, has and can achieve the highest expectations. This is a fundamental belief in a good education,” said Iwan.

According to the Presidential Special Staff and founder of Kitong Bisa Billy Mambrasar, non-formal education institutions can be a way to take real action in realizing inclusive education.

“Indonesia is very large with 17,000 islands. In Papua itself, villages and regencies are far from one another. The solution we can do is return to our villages, open non-formal educational institutions, adopt the Kemendikbudristek curriculum, provide access to other Papuan students and motivate them that tonight, 50 young leaders from all over the world gather in Manokwari and you can be one of them. them in the future,” asked Billy.

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