Young Personages Launch Yayasan Harapan Generasi Papua – A young Papuan figure, Methodius Kossay, Saturday (28/5/2022) in Jakarta, virtually launched the Yayasan Harapan Generasi Papua/Papua Generation Hope Foundation (HGMP) which focuses on social and religious fields.

“The focus of the foundation is to build the human person, especially the Papuan generation as a whole, as a subject of change through the development of social character and morals in the light of truth,” said Methodius Kossay in his remarks after the launch procession carried out by the founder of the Yayasan Harapan Generasi Papua, Jacob Pelamonia and attended by a number of invited guests.

In a written statement received by the editors, the candidate for doctor of law from Trisakti University, Jakarta, stated that the vision of the Yayasan Harapan Generasi Papua is to make a young generation full of hope, optimism, resilience, and impact. This foundation also has a mission, namely to build and strengthen the young generation of Papua in character and moral formation through the love of Christ.

The mission of the Yayasan Harapan Generasi Papua is also to build and embed the values ​​of God’s truth based on community, organize training, and educational assistance that is integral in developing the Papuan people as a whole.

 A young Papuan personage, Methodius Kossay, Saturday (28/5/2022) in Jakarta, virtually launched the Yayasan Harapan Pemuda Papua (HGMP) which focuses on social and religious fields.

Besides, this foundation also aims to develope and to optimize the competence of the Papuan young generation and having the ability to be competitive in the world of work in the principles of faith, love, and hope with the priority of values, such as love, truth, integrity, professionalism, proactiveness, excellence, and humanity.

In the future, the Yayasan Harapan Generasi Papua will hold education and training for the young generation of Papua in the form of courses, tutoring or studies, and various other trainings. In addition, it is to conduct social excursions and to visit to orphanages, nursing homes, and nursing homes to hone social sensitivity.

The Yayasan Harapan Generasi Papua also organizes coaching for students in schools, campuses, dormitories or rented houses, especially from Papua, who are continuing their studies in the Greater Jakarta area. His party will also hold training for Papuan students who graduate from undergraduate and master’s programs before entering the job market.

On that occasion, Jacob Pelamonia stated that the potential of the young Papuan generation is enormous. However, up to now there is no ideal container to accommodate and empower their potential. Therefore, the presence of the Papua Generation Hope Foundation can develop this potential so that the young Papuan generation can be productive for themselves and the future of Papua.

“We all pray and hope that through the Papua Generation Hope Foundation, which was founded by a young Papuan figure Methosius Kossay, we can get a young generation who is smart, creative, has the right and qualified character and morals. Efforts to get such a generation are not just verbal language, but are followed by real actions and works,” said Jacob.

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