Yenny Wahid: Papuan Children have Potential if They are Properly Facilitated – A Director of Wahid Foundation, Yenny Wahid, on the sidelines of the  activities of PON XX 2021 in Papua visited the Papuan children. Yenny Wahid expressed her admiration for Papua and its people.

The Gus Dur’s daughter assessed that the Papuan children had extraordinary potential if they were properly facilitated.

“These Papuan children actually have potential if they are properly facilitated; they must be given a good space to develop their potential,” said Yenny Wahid after visiting the Somatua Foundation in Timika, Papua, Monday (27/9/2021).

The Somatua Foundation is a foundation established by a native Papuan son to help the Papuan people improve their lifes in the fields of education, economy, and health. The foundation has 60 students aged 3-12 years.

Yenny Wahid, who is also the General Chair of the Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation (FPTI), said Papuan children have tremendous potential, but they don’t have facilities like those on the Java island.

“Our system has not been able to optimally facilitate our children, so how can children who are far away from crowded islands like Java do, how can they have access to the same education, get the same services so that their growth and development is more optimal?” she explained.

Yenny Wahid supports the Somatua Foundation’s activities in providing education, coaching, and training to Papuan children. Some of the Papuan students are orphans and can’t afford it.

“If we want Papua to be better in the future, we need to invest in the younger generation and their children, both in the form of good nutrition, good education space, good facilities for the sake of optimal growth and development,” she said.

Yenny greatly believes that the young generation of Papua is also capable to reach achievement even for the name of the nation. She gave an example that Papuan children are able to make the nation proud in various fields.

“We see that there are several indigenous Papuan children who have made not only the name Papua proud, but the name of the nation after winning the physics and mathematics competition. Thus, I am very sure that Papuan children are capable if they are facilitated and educated properly from the earlier,” she said.

Especially for PON XX Papua, Yenny Wahid gave good news from Papua. Today, the sport of rock climbing was won by Papuan athletes.

“Today for rock climbing, Papua won a gold medal in the speed category, but the medal has not be awarded,” she said.

Yenny Wahid also admired the facilities of PON XX Papua. In her opinion, the facilities of PON Papua are  magnificent enough.

“What I admire about this PON is that the construction of the stadium facilities is magnificent enough, the rock climbing facilities are also good, enough”, she added.

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