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Yapen and 8 Important Points during Nataru

goodmorningpapua.com – An Acting Yapen Islands Regent, Cyfrianus Mambay, directly chaired a preparatory meeting ahead of Christmas and New Year at the Silas Building Papare Wednesday 21 December 2022.

The preparatory meeting was attended by Forkopimda and all leaders of Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD), BUMN and BUMD. Regent Cyfrianus Mambay has highlighted a number of points, one of which is the rampant sale of firecrackers.

In addition to the rampant sale of firecrackers, the Regent also highlighted security matters, food security, and the readiness of the Civil Service Police Team and the Yapen Islands Fire Department.

Not only that, transportation issues have also become a concern in the Christmas and New Year preparation meetings, including the availability of fuel oil (BBM), the readiness of PLN, as well as Market Operations in checking the availability of basic necessities.

“The overall condition of Yapen City is conducive and under control. Security is guaranteed to conduct Nataru, the point is to continue to coordinate well with all stakeholders,” he said.

The Regent of Mambay hopes that in the framework of this Nataru celebration, Yapen City will be in a conducive and safe condition and will always prioritize coordination and alertness in matters that trigger uproar in the community.

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