Yanuarius Lani, Papua Golden Generation Getting Success in Coffee Farming

goodmorningpapua.com – Yanuarius Lani, a Papuan youth born in 1992, has decided to farm coffee in recent years. Who would have supposed, now his name has soared as a successful young farmer. Coffee production from his garden is sought after by domestic and foreign coffee lovers.

  Yan Lani going into the coffee plantation started from his intention to help his aged parents.

“I was encouraged to enter the world of coffee because I saw the condition of my parents, whose abilities increasingly decrease. I proceed for cultivating of my father’s land to develop coffee,” he said.

  Now he has his own 2 hectares of land planted with 3000 coffee plants and intends to develop a coffee plantation area of up to 5 hectares, in the village of Walesi, Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency.

Yan conseded that from two harvest seasons, Arabica coffee production from his garden has reached 68 tons per year, whereas he received requests for up to 150 tons.

 “Market demand has doubled, so I have a target to increase the coffee plantation area to 5 hectares,” he said.

 In addition, Yan confirmed, he also plans to increase the number of workers in the such coffee plantation. Currently, Yan already has 8 employees.

To introduce Wamena coffee, Yan has participated in coffee exhibitions both at home and abroad. Not only that, the son of Maksimus Lani became known as a Papuan barista.

 Because of his love for coffee and his efforts to promote Wamena coffee, Yan once had the opportunity to serve coffee to President Joko Widodo in the state palace.

 Financially, Yan admits that the income he obtains from farming coffee is good enough. Therefore, he is drived to invite other young Papuans not to be ashamed to go into coffee plantations. 

“I started recruiting Papuan youths to become coffee farmers in my guidance. There are some people interested in getting into the realm of coffee like me, “he said.

He believes that coffee plantations to absorb a lot of labor and farmers do not have to worry about marketing, because the demand of Papuan coffee is increasing day to day.

Yan’s coffee plantation products are sold in the kind of unhulled and powder coffee.

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