Yanni Melwani, Papuan Actress Asked to Substitute Nagita Slavina

goodmorningpapua.com – Nagita Slavina was recently elected as the icon of Papua PON XX. However, the election of Raffi Ahmad’s wife provoked criticism from the public because it was considered not to represent Papuan.

Several names of Papuan artists are also predicted to substitue Nagita Slavina. One of the names emerged was Yanni Melwani, an FTV player also playing in the film Aisyah.

Knowing that his name has been put forward to become the new icon of Papua PON XX, Yanni Melwani responded.

In her opinion, the selection of icons is not his authority. Yenni Melwani also assessed that the iconic figure is not so important compared to the implementation of the PON itself.

“The most important thing for me is that the implementation of the PON goes well, and we all have the same responsibility to make the PON event a national event that can bring the good name of Papua and Indonesia,” said Yanni Melwani, quoted from Detikcom, Tuesday (8/6). .

Apart from the controversy aboty the such icon, Yanni Melwani hopes that the implementation of PON can run smoothly and successfully.

“Hopefully everything goes according to plan, and we can unite so that the implementation of PON can be successful,” he said.

Previously, Nagita Slavina received criticism after being appointed as the icon of Papua PON XX. Arie Kriting, an artist from Papua, is one of the most vocal people regarding this criticism.

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