Yane Ansanay, the First Female Doctor of Physics from Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Her full name is Yane Ansanay. She is no stranger anymore to physics. Yane, currently works as a lecturer and researcher in the field of science and technology at Cenderawasih University (Uncen) Jayapura. Yane actively conduct research in the field of food and medicine, maximizing basic materials from Papua.

Yane is one of the first women from Papua to achieve a Doctor degree in physics. She still has aspirations to build a research centre for Papuan children studying in the fields of science and technology.

“This is to maximize their role in making discoveries that contribute to the welfare of the Papuan people,” said Yane, a baccalaureate at Pelita Harapan University, then continued her master’s and doctoral degrees at North Caroline State University, in the United States.

Don’t think that it is easy for Yane to get her doctoral scholarship. She also had to compete with scientists from around the world. In fact, a native Papuan child can beat the international community and Yane got the scholarship she dreamed of.

“Scientists from America, Europe, Japan and China as well as other countries are scattered to get this scholarship as well. It’s hard, but I can prove it. I (I) believe that other Papuan women can do it,” she said, motivating other Papuan women.

Yane Ansanay is one of the Founders of the Inspirational Young Papua Movement, which consists of indigenous Papuan children working in the community in various fields.

Just mention the names: Billy Mambrasar, George Saa, Samuel Tabuni, Nani Uswanas, Neas Wanimbo, Rini Modouw, Richard Mahuze, and young Papuans from various tribes and indigenous territories in Papua.

Previously, the pioneers and founders of the Inspirational Young Papua movement had just met with the President of the Republic of Indonesia at the State Palace and received support from President Joko Widodo to build innovative Papuan Human Resources in this Industry 4.0 era.

“I dream that there will be more Papuan women who are able to compete in the national and international arena. Hopefully, at the research institute, we can also support Papuan women to work,” she said.

Yane is an inspiration for all of us Papuan children. Besides Yane, there is also Maya Wospakrik, an inspirational Papuan woman who is currently a Nuclear Physics Researcher at Fermilab, a science laboratory in Illinois, United States. There is also Anieke Boaire, the winner of the First Step to Nobel Prize, a prestigious international competition in the field of physic.

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