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Yan Mandenas: The Community Should See the Division of Papua from an Economic Perspective

goodmorningpapua.com – The Papuan people are urged to welcome the formation of a new province in Papua which has been programmed by the central government.

A member of Commission I of the Indonesian House DPR RI, Yan Mandenas, admitted that it was more appropriate for the Papuan people to prepare themselves than to take part in the refusal of some groups which were carried out for the interest of a particular group.

“I hope that all elements of the Papuan community, Papuan political elites in Papua and outside Papua, so that we jointly succeed in the formation of a new autonomous region (DOB) for the prosperity and future of the Papuan people,” he said.

The Papuan people must see the division of the Papua province from an economic perspective. The reason is, the benefits of the division of the province in Papua, namely equitable development, increasing welfare, accelerating infrastructure development and shortening the vulnerability of control between the central and regional governments. In addition, it facilitates mobility and community activities.

“I have repeatedly said that we accept the division by looking at it from an economic perspective, not from a political perspective. Because the consequences from a political perspective will remain solely political consumption. So that there are pros and cons to various demonstrations by certain groups at this time,” he said. .

The Indonesian House has received a Presidential Letter (Surpres) from the government regarding the discussion of the three New Autonomous Regions (DOB) in Papua. Namely, related to the Draft Law (RUU) regarding the Province of South Papua (Wilayah Adat Ha Anim), the Bill on the Province of Central Papua (Wilayah Adat Mee Pago), and the Bill on the Province of Papua Central Mountains (Wilayah Adat Lapago).

The Surpres was given to the House after it was ratified as a draft proposal for the DPR’s initiative in the plenary session on Tuesday, April 12, 2022.

With the Surpres, the President of the Republic of Indonesia assigned the relevant ministries/institutions as government representatives to discuss together with the DPR’s Completeness Toolkit (AKD) assigned to the Consultative Body Meeting (Bamus) of the Indonesian House.

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