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Yan Cristian Arebo: Historically Papua Is a Part of the Republic of Indonesia, Absolute!

goodmorningpapua.com – A Chairman of the Central Executive Board (DPN) of Papuan Indigenous Youth, Yan Cristian Arebo, spoke about the May 1 controversy. In addition to international labour day (May Day), May 1 by pro-independence groups commemorates the Day of Annexation or seizure of Papua.

On the other hand, the pro-NKRI government and society consider that every May 1 is celebrated as the Day of Integration of Papua into the NKRI frame.

“May 1 Integration Day of Papua into Indonesia, this can no longer be disputed or altered because it has been stated in the People’s Opinion Determination or PEPERA,” said Yan Cristian Arebo when met in Jayapura, Monday (11/4) morning. He also assessed that the integration process of West Irian into the Republic of Indonesia was inseparable from the various problems and conflicts that occurred between Indonesia and the Netherlands, which at that time still controlled Irian (Papua).

“The negotiations between Indonesia and the Netherlands, which we know as the Konferensi Meja Bundar [Round Table Conference] (1949) till the New York Agreement (1962) which became a bright spot for the integration of West Irian into Indonesia,” he said.

When asked about the existence of groups that are still vocalizing May 1 as the day of the annexation or seizure of Papua by the Republic of Indonesia,like the KNPB and other separatist groups, Yan answered that they do not understand history. “History should not be turned back, our old people who were historical actors of PEPERA fighters had declared themselves to be joining the Republic of Indonesia at that time on May 1, 1963 through the Pepera,” he stressed again.

Yan appealed to opponent groups to stop propagating the ideology of a Free Papua and to realize that Papua is part of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

He also asked the Papuan people not to be swayed by misleading issues created by irresponsible groups.

“The independence that we feel today, we need to be grateful for, and appreciate our parents who have sacrificed their whole body and soul for independence until now. We all have to join hands to fight against groups that are against the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” he added.

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