Yahukimo Cultural Festival

goodmorningpapua.com – A Commander of Kodim 1715/Yahukimo Lt. Col. Inf. Johanis V. Tethool was present at the Yahukimo Cultural Festival, Monday 8 August 2022.

The Cultural Festival with a theme “My Culture is My Pride, Preserving Yahukimo Culture from Extinction”, aims to preserve and promote Yahukimo culture by displaying cultural attractions from every tribe in Yahukimo.

Met after the event, the Dandim expressed his support for the activities held by the Yahukimo Regional Government.

“This is one of the positive activities that should be appreciated by all parties, because with a cultural festival like this, in addition to preserving the culture in the Land of Papua, it can also teach the younger generation of Papua not to forget their identity,” said Dandim.

Furthermore, he said, the activity felt more special since it was held ahead of the 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia.

With the presence of every tribal representative in Yahukimo Regency, the Dandim hopes that the togetherness in this festival will establish friendship and intimacy among the community.

“We hope that all the tribes that exist can take care of each other and maintain the security situation in Yahukimo. We must not be provoked by provocations, incitements and invitations to take unlawful actions. For that, let’s work together to maintain the harmony and conducive atmosphere that has been created so far,” concluded the Dandim.

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