Y20 in Manokwari: an Collaboration Event of Innovative and Creative Thinking for Indonesian Millennials

goodmorningpapua.com – The Y20 Opening Ceremony Side Event has been successfully held grandly with the theme of diversity and inclusion being raised for the first time in history. The event was attended by 17 foreign delegates, plus a national delegation. The activity was centered on one of the hotels in Manokwari.

The Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia, represented by the Deputy for Youth Partnerships and Awards, Wisler Manalu expressed his gratitude for the support of the West Papuan government in making the event a success. In addition, the sub-themes namely inclusive education and the creative economy are also topics of discussion to have an impact on social development.

“The greatest focus on the capacity and quality of human resources in the younger generation in history is a powerful way to achieve social development. Therefore, we are pleased with the topic raised this time, so that we can receive recommendations from you to improve the quality of life of young people,” said Wisler, Saturday, June 18, 2022.

He added that it is a must for youth to prepare and provide concrete actions, coordinated solutions, clear frameworks to overcome inequality, empower the vulnerable and marginalized and sustainable growth.

“The results of the discussion will be brought to the Y20 Indonesia Summit in 2022 in Jakarta and Bandung, then the G20 final in November. It will be a good platform for young people to answer, negotiate and provide solutions to the issues that will be discussed in order to produce all agreements on diversity and inclusion at the Y20 Indonesia Summit 2022 in Jakarta and Bandung,” he explained.

West Papua Regional Secretary, Nataniel D. Mandacan while reading the written remarks of the Acting Governor of West Papua, Komjen Pol. (Ret.) Drs. Paulus Waterpauw, M.Si first expressed his gratitude to the central government for the trust in being chosen as the host of the Y20 Side Event. In addition, Y20 is a place for collaboration of innovative and creative thinking among Indonesian youth, as well as contributions to the world.

He hopes that the Y20 Side Event momentum in Manokwari will have a major impact on the progress of youth to rise up and excel nationally and globally.

“Today, Youth is the future leader, therefore the measure of a nation lies in youth who are intelligent, superior, creative and innovative and visionary. Hopefully, by being in Manokwari, the youth can get all the inspiration to give birth to ideas and thoughts that are inclusive and wise for the progress of our nation and the world,” said the Secretary of State.

During the event, the delegates were presented with a stunning performance of Papuan dances performed by the Papua Melanesian studio and were greeted with appreciation.

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