Worship and Prayer of Lamentation, Governor Lukas Invokes Papuans to Unite

goodmorningpapua.com – The Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, called for Papuans to unite and not discriminate for the future of this paradise earth. He also asked people to be aware that there is a certain purpose in this country.

“In this prayer and lamentation, we pray and repent. The future of Papua has changed, you have to repent,” said Lukas Enembe during the Papuan services and prayers at the Lukas Enembe Stadium, Harapan Village, East Sentani District, Jayapura Regency, Thursday 8 December 2022.

For Lukas Enembe, there is God’s glorious desire for this land, that desire must come from the Papuan people, must reflect on what God is doing.

“We must be grateful for God’s gift, this land is the future of the children of Papua, the future of this country. If we maintain this land, Papua will be blessed by God,” he said.

It is known that Papuan worship and lamentation prayer begins with dances and several musical groups. There is also a way of the cross followed by members of various church denominations.

The Way of the Cross was led by Pastor Jhon Bunai. The way of the cross is carried out with the aim of remembering the passion of the Lord Jesus to death on the cross in order to atone for human sins.

The grand momentum was attended by thousands of citizens from church denominations. Those who attended were from Jayapura Regency, Jayapura City and Keerom Regency. Worship and lamentation prayers for Papua took place solemnly until it was finished under tight security from the Indonesian National Police.

The Chairman of the GKI Synod in Tanah Papua, Pastor Hendrikus Mofu, in his sermon and prayer for lamentation for Papua, said that the events of February 5, 1855 on Mansinam Island, Teluk Doreri, Manokwari, saw the arrival of the two apostles, namely Karel Ottow and Johan Geisler.

When Ottow and Geisler arrived in Mansinam with their firstborn “in the name of God we tread this Land.” Since 1855, the land and the people of Papua who inhabit it have been baptized and brought into the kingdom of God.

“Once a soldier said at first that whoever mentioned Papua, he said the Bible. Whoever mentions the Bible over the land of Papua must declare resistance to the powers of darkness that exist over the land of Papua,” he said.

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