Working on the Office and House of the Acting Governor of Papua Pegunungan Reaches 90 Percent –The Jayawijaya Regency Government continues to accelerate the work on the office and official residence of the Acting Governor of Papua Mountains Province in Wamena City.

Jayawijaya Regent, John Richard Banua, said that the construction of supporting facilities had reached 90 percent. He targets the supporting facilitation work to be accomplished on November 5, 2022.

“The temporary renovation of the Governor’s Office is almost complete, as well as the Governor’s Office which is currently being worked on in the office yard and this is targeted to be completed by November 5, 2022,” said Jhon, Monday, October 31, 2022.

In addition to the office and official residence of the Acting Governor of Papua Mountains, the Jayawijaya Regional Government has also prepared several offices that will be used by Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD).

“The budget for the preparation of supporting infrastructure for the Papua Mountains Province uses the Jayawijaya Regional Budget (APBD) grant funds of IDR 10 billion, IDR 5 billion of which is used for the preparation of these facilities,” he explained.

A Head of the Jayawijaya Education Office, Natalis Mumpu, said the Education Office will start moving to the Ukumiarek Asso Building next week. The move will be made before the inauguration of the Papua Mountains Governor’s Office.

‚ÄúStarting next week, our Jayawijaya District Education Office employees will be active in the Ukumiarek Asso Building. We have moved all the existing facilities, such as tables and chairs,” he said.

Natalis added that his party will immediately coordinate with the leadership to arrange the employee’s workspace. “What is clear is that after coordinating with the leadership it will be known what the arrangement of the room is like,” he added.

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