Wolas Krenak:  a Caretaker for the Governor of West Papua Must be a Papuan Son

goodmorningpapua.com – A former member of the Papuan People’s Council, Wolas Thontje Krenak, asked President Joko Widodo to appoint a native Papuan son to be a Caretaker of the Governor of West Papua.

This is done so that the Caretaker figure is able to take a traditional and cultural approach, so that the government can run smoothly and safely.

Wolas, who is also the founder and member of the legendary Papuan group, Mambesak, also thanked the Republic of Indonesia for educating Papuans since integration.

“Many indigenous Papuan children have become doctors in the government, including some who have become Generals in the TNI and Polri. Therefore, who will be a Caretaker is who have served in Papua and native Papuans,” he said, Friday, February 18, 2022.

This former journalist for Suara Pembaruan explained that the governor’s Caretaker figure must be a native Papuan because it will make it easier to approach culturally, traditional approaches so that they can listen to the community.

“How can the implementation of the Special Autonomy Law be in the education sector, the people’s economy, health and infrastructure that the people want can be more optimal. Including the division process, which is now a sharp debate among Papuans, so let them have a good dialogue about this with their brothers and sisters,” he continued.

Then, social conflicts that lead to human rights, where the violence occurs against the people, the violence against the government and to anyone else, must be resolved by sitting together, listening to the people, listening to the government, how to resolve this properly with social dialogues.

“I told my experience of how we were led by the Head of the Indigenous Social Conflict Resolution Team for the Regency of Maybrat, Otto Ihalaouw and made various efforts, including listening to what the people said with a traditional approach, which prioritized socio-culturalism,” he said.

“So, let the Caretaker for governor, both Papua and West Papua, be native Papuans, the best Indonesian citizens,” he suggested.

Wolas also hopes that the Caretaker of the governor must also maintain the integrity of the Indonesian state, safeguard Pancasila, safeguard the 1945 Constitution. That way, said Wolas, the identity and character of native Papuans as Indonesian citizens can be realized and reflected when all governors in Indonesia meet.

“I give this explanation to all parties in the land of Papua and West Papua, including the central government so as not to misplace the governor’s Caretaker in West Papua in general, which will end in May 2022,” he explained.

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