With Minimum Facilities, Children in Papua Remains to be Eager to learn

The backwardness experienced by children in Papua does not dampen their enthusiasm for learning. This can be seen from the high enthusiasm of the children in Kenyam Village, Kenyam District in receiving the knowledge provided by the Noken Binmas Task Force Personnel, Wednesday (23/11/22).

A Coordinator of the Noken Binmas Task Force for the Nduga Region, Ipda Murtono, S.H., explained that with makeshift facilities, the children accepted the lessons given well. The lessons given start from recognizing numbers and letters, to counting lessons.

“Educational facilities in the area are very minimum. Therefore, with the presence of activities like this, hopefully it can have a positive impact on children so that they get a proper education like other children in general,” explained Ipda Murtono.

In a separate place, the Head of the Cartenz Peace Ops Public Relations Unit, Kombes Pol. Drs. Ahmad Mustofa Kamal, S.H., revealed that this has become part of the Binmas Noken activity program, by providing education to children from an early age, especially children who have dropped out of school.

“If not us, who else will care. They deserve an education like other children in general, so that later they can achieve the goals or dreams they want. We do what we can do, hopefully this activity will have a positive impact later, “concluded the Head of Public Relations Unit for Peace Ops Cartenz.

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