With a Bank Loan, This Papuan Woman Has Successfully Built a Business of Chip in Nabire

goodmorningpapua.com –  Who doesn’t want to live properly and have a business developing from an early? At least this wish belongs to Wulaningsih, a woman from Manokwari, Papua. Since a dozen years ago, Wulan wanted to have her own business in creating the taro chips and crackers. This desire arose because since he was young, Wulan was used to help her brother selling chips in Nabire.

The chips business can also be said to be a hereditary business in the Wulan family. For these two reasons, in 2009, Wulan had the courage to open a business in selling her taro chips. He ventured into starting a business because of he didn’t want to be unemployed after marriage.

“Instead of getting unemployed after marriage, I better have a business, who knows it would be good in the future. Alhamdulillah, it turned out well, “he added.

At the beginning of starting a business, Wulan had difficulty with capital. Luckily, at that time he received an assistance of business capital loan from BRI amounting to Rp. 5 million. Wulan then used the capital for developing her business gradually.

Because of her tenacity and persistence, Wulan succeeded in developing the taro chips business. In fact, now he is able to own three plots of land in his village.

Its success can also be seen from the larger financing ceiling. Currently, Wulan admits that she has received business capital assistance of up to Rp 200 million from BRI. The loan of this size was used by Wulan to purchase raw materials, business equipment and develop her chip business.

“When I started the business, I received capital assistance from BRI. Initially I got a loan of Rp. 5 million, then I borrowed it again and now Alhamdulillah BRI has given me confidence, BRI provides loans for capital of up to Rp 200 million,” he said.

The rapid development of Wulan’s business can be seen from the wide distribution of her products. Currently, Wulan’s taro chips have been sold to big cities outside Papua such as Makassar, Surabaya, and Solo.

Each pack of taro chips is sold for IDR 14 thousand. Usually, Wulan is able to produce up to 80 pieces of crackers per day, or adapted for depending on the order.

“The price from me is Rp. 14 thousand, if there is a shop selling it for Rp. 15 thousand, there is also a reseller who sells it for Rp. 18 thousand. [The turnover of this business] Monthly is around Rp. 15 million,” he said.

While doing taro chips business, Wulan admitted that she had never encountered any significant difficulties. He only had to face problems several times in finding the raw material for taro when he received a large number of orders.

“When we went around looking for taro, I didn’t have a lot of orders and I was confused looking for the main raw material. There’s a lot of cassava, while taro is hard to pick up on the mountain. I usually buy directly from the taro farmers, I immediately buy them and bring them home to be produced,” he said. 

To help him maintaining the smooth running of his business, Wulan now employs 5 employees, each of whom are paid IDR 2.5 million per month. Wulan’s business workers are residents around where she lives.

He admitted that so far he has been able to successfully develop and sustain his business — even in the midst of a pandemic — because he often receives training and assistance from BRI. Wulan, who has been a BRI customer since 2010, admits that BRI training and coaching have helped her a lot to expand her business reach and provide solutions for marketing and other matters related to her business.

“I have been greatly helped by my business capital, so I can spend and thanks to the business capital assistance from BRI I have bought land in 3 locations and plan to open boarding houses,” he said. “My turnover has increased, it can be helped, I at BRI is grateful and thanks the good people to me,” added Wulan.

In the future, Wulan hopes that the capital loan and assistance from BRI can be provided with a larger amount. He targets to get a KUR with a ceiling of Rp. 500 million, in order to make it easier to realize the desire to open a boarding house business in Nabire.

Finally, Wulan advised UMKM actors – especially women – not to give up in trying. According to him, women are also able to successfully run the business “Never giving up is the key to success,” he said.

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