When the Additional Four New Electoral Districts in Papua Become the Target of Many Political Parties

goodmorningpapua.com – The addition of four new autonomous regions (DOB) provinces in Papua and West Papua has the consequence of increasing the number of electoral districts (Dapil) from 80 and 84.

As the establishment of the Provinces of South Papua, Central Papua, Papua Pegunungan and Southwest Papua also had an impact on increasing the number of parliamentary seats from 575 to 580 seats in the DPR.

Changes in electoral districts and the number of seats have become the target of many political parties. Political parties have started targeting vote wins and seats for the 2024 election in the newly created regions of Papua and West Papua.

PPP, for example, an Acting Chairman of PPP Muhammad Mardiono is targeting maximum vote acquisition in the four new provinces and their parent provinces. Even though PPP does not yet have DPR members from Papua or West Papua at this time, Mardiono is optimistic that he will be able to win votes in the region.

“My expectation is that later with the region division, at least if PPP is now in Papua there will be vacant representative seats in the DPR RI from Papua. My hope is that later in 2024 with the region division it has the potential to be able to get it,” said Mardiono when met at the KPU Office, Wednesday (14/12/2022) night.

Mardiono also ensured that his cadres had made various preparations to contest in the upcoming elections. “Our cadres are also ready to get seats from Papua. In Central Papua, for example, we currently have a good voice because the chairman of our DPC is the deputy district head, which is now the capital of Central Papua,” said Mardiono.

A similar statement was made by the General Chairperson of the Democratic Party Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY), who is optimistic that his party will be able to obtain the maximum number of votes and seats in the four new provinces. Moreover, currently the Democratic Party already has one DPR seat from Papua.

“We always have an optimistic target that in each electoral district there will be at least one representative to become a member of the DPR, at least one,” said AHY.

Meanwhile, the Golkar Party, which has two DPR seats in Papua and West Papua, is also targeting the same thing. Deputy General Chairperson of the Golkar Party, Ahmad Doli Kurnia Tandjung, said that his party already has administrators in the four provinces.

“We immediately held regional meetings in the province and now we have management and in fact we have set targets for obtaining seats in the DPR, provinces and districts/cities,” he said.

The National Mandate Party (PAN) is also targeting the acquisition of votes and seats in parliament in the four provinces of the new autonomous region (DOB) of Papua. A Secretary General of PAN Eddy Soeparno said his party already has a voter base in the region.

“We in Papua have two members of the RI DPR. Make no mistake, you know, PAN as one of the parties in Papua has won two seats in the DPR RI,” said Eddy.

Eddy continued, because of that PAN will maintain this gain and try to increase it. Moreover, said Eddy, PAN has also started mapping after the addition of the electoral districts (dapils) in Papua.

“I think we are optimistic in Papua. With the addition of new electoral districts, we have the opportunity to get even stronger seats in Papua,” he said.

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