When Governor Waterpauw Dances Lalayon at Gag Village Raja Ampat

goodmorningpapua.com – An Acting Governor of West Papua, Komjen Pol (Purn) Drs. Paulus Waterpauw, M.Si accompanied by a Mayor of Sorong and a chairperson of OPD for West Papua province, visited Gag Village, West Waigeo district, Raja Amapt Regency.

The arrival of the Acting Governor was for celebrating the Islamic New Year 1 Muharram 1444 Hijri, Saturday 30 July 2022.

The entourage of the governor departed from the Marina port of Sorong City at 05.02 WIT aboard two speedboats with a journey of 3.5 hours.

After arriving at Gag Village, the Acting Governor was greeted by the traditional procession of  Mansorandak by the traditional personages. Furthermore, the guests received a garland of flowers.

In addition, the Cakalele Dance, played by two boys, provides special impression. The An Acting governor and Mayor of Sorong were given machetes and salawaku as a form of appreciation for being present in the community.

The welcoming procession was closed with the offering of the Lalayon Dance. The moment was even more exciting because the Acting Governor also danced together.

“As the Acting Governor of West Papua, I am very happy to be able to attend to meet all parents and families here. The welcoming dances are all genuine potentials that we must improve,” he said.

He appreciates the talents of children who have traditionally been preserved from generation to generation to this day.

“The dances have become local wisdom. The children who danced earlier, Mr. gave appreciation to you because you already have the basic capital, because you love customs and culture as well as derivatives from aunts and grandmothers. Thank you for that,” he explained.

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