What a Pleased, the Papua Kids Plays Movies with Ariel Tatum

goodmorningpapua.com – The Papua Kids, consisting of Arnold Asmuruf, Franken Ramandei, and Elias Pandawa, starred in the film President’s Bike. In addition to being happy because they played big screen films, they were also pleasure because they got to know Ariel Tatum.

Moreover, The Papua Kids admitted that at first they only knew about the figure of Ariel Tatum only through YouTube.

“I haven’t (known it before). But yes, I’ve seen it on YouTube,” said Elias Pandawa, after the primary gala for the film President’s Bike in the Kuningan area, South Jakarta, Monday (20/12/2021).

In contrast to Arnold Asmuruf who claimed to know Areil Tatum because of one of his duet songs with Ari Lasso.

“Before shooting, I knew the song was the same as Ari Lasso. Mama was also a fan of Arie Tatum,” said Arnold.

Likewise with Franken Ramandei, who claims to know Ariel Tatum from YouTube. “Don’t know yet. But I’ve seen it on YouTube,” said Franken.

Seeing the innocence of the Papuan children, Ariel Tatum among them smiled. Sometimes he even seems to annoy Franken Ramandei.

The film on the President’s Bike tells the funny story of Papuan children with their natural beauty and music. The film, directed by Garini Nugroho, wants to invite all Indonesian children and families to have fun together and invite the public to return to the cinema.

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