West Papua Senator Appeals President to Execute Roads Faster

goodmorningpapua.com – A Pegaf Regent, Yosas Saroi, held a coordination meeting with the Ministry of PUPR and the Presidential Staff Office team in Manokwari regarding the construction of the Manokwari-Arfak Mountains (Pegaf) and South Manokwari-Pegaf roads on Monday (13/12/2021).

The PUPR Ministry explained that in 2022, the building of the road to Anggi, the capital city of Pegaf Regency has not been budgeted for, this is because the 2022 APBN budget is no longer possible. Related to this, a Deputy Chairman I of Committee I DPD RI Filep Wamafma also highlighted the news.

“October 2019, the President visited Pegaf and promised to build the Manokwari-Pegaf-Mansel road. It’s not even just roads but also Snomeba Airport,” said Filep.

Previously, Jokowi and his entourage did a working visit to the Arfak Mountains Regency (Pegaf) on Sunday (27/10/2019). The President and his entourage used 3 Puma VVIP TNI AU helicopters to directly observe the condition of Pegaf Regency and promised to Regent Yosas to build a road.

“We will write to the President. This is not only a matter of Jokowi’s commitment but also a matter of regional aspirations that are really needed by the community. Road access is an important factor driving the community’s economy,” said Filep.

Previously, Filep Wamafma had gone down to the Arfak Mountains Regency to absorb aspirations. He gave a message that transportation access to the Arfak Mountains needed to be improved.

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