West Papua Receives IDR 10.75 Billion Reward for Successfully Reducing Inflation

goodmorningpapua.com – The Papuan provincial government is grateful to all parties, especially the leadership of regional apparatus organizations (OPD) who continue to spend state money for the public interest and involve the community.

An Acting (Pj) Governor of West Papua, Komjen Pol (Ret.) Drs Paulus Waterpauw, M.Si thanked all parties for the cooperation so that West Papua Province gets success in control of inflation.  Because of such collaboration, the central government provided a reward in the form of Regional Incentive Fund [DID] since West Papua managed to control inflation better than the national. The DID for West Papua is worth IDR 10.57 billion.

“Praise God, thank you because for some time, West Papua has been able to maintain the inflation rate below 3 percent. Today the figure rose 3.04 percent. But it’s still below 5 percent,” explained the Acting Governor of West Papua, Wednesday (28/9/2022).

He believes that with the cooperation of all parties, maintaining inflation below 5 percent can be a reference for the spirit of OPD and regional heads in West Papua Province.

“We and all OPD leaders together play, carry out the tasks of trying to improve people’s welfare through existing economic growth, which will automatically suppress the inflation rate,” he explained.

Governor Waterpauw said things that had been done so far were involving OPD funding in spending state money through tasks in the community. “This is very effective, for example with various activities involving young people, including increasing of MSMEs with BI cooperation and all parties are very effective in monitoring the pace of development of basic needs,” he said.

He said that this was done through intervention from the beginning and ultimately made the prices of basic commodities and other necessities in Papua be suppressed

“I think it’s a good job. In the future, it will continue to be increased to maintain the inflation rate below 5 percent,” he explained.

In a press statement, Monday, September 26, 2022 in Jakarta, a Finance Minister, Sri Mulyani, detailed that the 10 provinces consisted of West Kalimantan amounting to IDR 10.83 billion, Bangka Belitung IDR10.81 billion, West Papua IDR10.75 billion, Southeast Sulawesi IDR10.44 billion, and East Kalimantan IDR 10.41 billion.

Then, Yogyakarta IDR 10.41 billion, Banten IDR10.37 billion, East Java IDR 10.33 billion, Bengkulu IDR10.33 billion, and South Sumatra IDR 10.32 billion.

“The government provides rewards (gifts) in the form of regional incentive funds (DID) which have managed to control inflation better than the national one,” Sri Mulyani said at a press conference in Jakarta, Monday (26/9/2022).

She said national inflation broke 4.69 percent in August 2022, an increase of 1.14 percent compared to the position in May 2022 which was 3.55 percent.

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