West Papua Receives an Award from the Ministry of Home Affairs in Handling Stunting

goodmorningpapua.com – The West Papua Provincial Government received an award from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) in handling stunting in regional 1.

In addition to the West Papua Provincial Government, the similar awards were also given to three districts in West Papua for the results of the performance assessment of 8 stunting reduction convergence actions. These three districts are Fakfak, Raja Ampat and Maybrat.

This was revealed by Assistant II for the Economy and Development of the West Papua Provincial Secretariat, Melkias Werinussa, when he was met by reporters after carrying out a joint joint session of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN), Friday 8 July 2022.

Melkias explained that the award was given by the Ministry of Home Affairs during a workshop on strengthening the implementation of stunting reduction acceleration which was attended by 17 Provinces and 51 Regencies/Cities at the Eboni Ballroom Hotel Gambaran Makassar.

“West Papua received the best professional award for the convergence the action plan to accelerate stunting reduction, including three regencies namely Fakfak, Raja Ampat and Maybrat, so that the stunting rate of West Papua nationally ranks 18th,” said Melkias.

According to Melkis, the stunting rate is caused by many factors, so it requires the role of Family Welfare Empowerment (PKK), Women’s Dharma, Women and Children Empowerment. “The spearhead is at the Posyandu,” he said.

The West Papua Provincial Government will continue to encourage Posyandu in handling stunting. This follows the important role of Posyandu which is in direct contact with the community.

“The role of the Posyandu is very important, it can directly monitor the weight of (children), additional food, besides that it is also inseparable from pregnant women to always control the nutrition of the fetus,” said Melkias.

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