West Papua Provincial Government Hands Over 615 SK First Aid [P3K] for Teachers

goodmorningpapua.com – The West Papua Provincial Government submitted Decrees (SK) on the appointment of 615 Government Employees with Work Agreements (PPPK) in the education sector.

Symbolically, the SK was given to three teacher representatives, out of a total of 615 PPPK, in the hall of the West Papua Provincial Education Office in Manokwari, Thursday (8/12/2022).

Monitoring of klikpapua.com wherein the Head of the West Papua BKD handed over 615 SK First Aid directly to the Head of the Education Office for further distribution and distribution directly to districts/cities in West Papua.

The head of the West Papua BKD, Nelles Dowansiba said, to process the issuance of the SK P3K for SMA/SMK teachers, all went through a long process of struggle. Everyone was in a dilemma when looking at the situation on the ground, it turned out that many had served a long time in various SMA/SMK schools throughout West Papua.

However, today the BKD and the Education Office were only able to hand over the SK P3K. “For all of this, a long process of struggle was required and the obstacles that have been passed, from the BKD in the administrative process to the BKN, to the governor, were quite long, so today we can submit 615 SK P3K out of the proposed 643,” said Nelles.

Where there were 643 persons who proposed and those who carried out the filing 638 and the number of decrees that were ready to be distributed 615. “The number of decrees in the process still remains 24 people, the number that has not been issued by the BKN is 4 people, which are still in the process of signing the Acting Governor there are 18 people, there are 2 people who are still being revised, 4 cannot be processed, 1 person moved their domicile, and 1 person died, 2 did not file,” he said.

It is said, the highlight is that there are few OAP data for P3K teachers and more non-OAP, all because there are many non-OAP who have served for a long time in West Papua.

“Therefore, our OAP brothers and sisters, if they serve, serve properly so that your data is really updated in the dapodik system,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Education Office, Barnabas Dowansiba said, with the receipt of the SK P3K today, there are responsibilities that you must pay attention to, firstly you cannot manage yourself, because there are rules that govern.

”           Don’t say that today I’m here, tomorrow I want to ask to move, I hope it can’t be like that.  We have to stick with the existing rules, where in the decree the placement is where it has to be done,” he said firmly.

For him, the decree he received was only valid for five years. An evaluation will be carried out later. If you want to extend again there are conditions that must be met.

“This program is a Central Government program, not a BKD or Education Office program, so all the files are in the central government. So later, if someone works and asks me, I will not sign the application because the authority is not in the education office,” he concluded.

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