West Papua MRP Encourages the Establishment of the Bomberai Raya Province

goodmorningpapua.com – West Papuan People’s Assembly Chair, Maxsi Nelson Ahoren, supports the formation of South West Papua, whose draft law (RUU) is currently being discussed by Commission II of the House. Furthermore, he encouraged the government to form a new autonomous region (DOB) for the Bomberai Raya Province.

“We would like to convey to the Chairman of Commission II that, as conveyed by the Acting Governor, for the proposal about one province, we will add more, namely regarding the Bomberay Raya Province,” said Maxsi in an audience with Commission II, Monday (5/9/ 2022). Law Number 2 of 2021 concerning Special Autonomy for the Papua Province, Maxsi explained, mandates the establishment of seven provinces in Papua. The region division, he said, had also been planned for 20 years.

“I hope to Commission II, that if today the Papuans ask for division, I think this is appropriate for Papuans to get it. I think that for the Province of West Papua, once again I want to say thank you very much to the President,” said Maxsi .

In addition, he supports the establishment of the Province of Southwest Papua being discussed by Commission II. Regarding the capital city of Southwest Papua Province, he supports the City of Sorong, as stated in the draft bill.

“In supporting the province that will be born, several regencies/cities must be born in West Papua Province. Even then, we have stated in the declaration a few months ago, almost all of our regents and mayors have conveyed that there are several regencies/cities that must expanded,” said Maxsi.

A Home Affairs Minister, Tito Karnavian, said the region division was expected to increase the development index there, which he said was lagging behind other regions. He explained that the expansion in Papua must guarantee and provide space for indigenous Papuans. Both in political, government, economic, and socio-cultural activities.

This is aimed at accelerating equitable development, improving public services, and improving community welfare. As well as, elevating the dignity of indigenous Papuans.

“We hope that the formation of a new province will accelerate development. Because we can see that the human development index is quite lagging behind, as well as a very large area, and infrastructure that still needs to be accelerated and developed,” said Tito in a working meeting with Commission II, Monday. 29/8/2022).

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