West Papua Inflation Drops To 4.15% This Month

goodmorningpapua.com – West Papua’s inflation in October 2022 decreased by 0.81 percent compared to the previous month, or from 4.96 percent to 4.15 percent. The Acting Governor of West Papua Paulus Waterpauw said that this decline was obtained due to continuous price monitoring.

“With price monitoring, it can be monitored and there is no price speculation at the trader level,” said Waterpauw when he was a speaker at the Regional Inflation Control Meeting which was held virtually, Monday (11/14/2022).

Waterpauw explained that he monitors daily prices at 4 markets in Monokwari Regency and Sorong City. In addition, he also set standardization of ojek fares in the city in Manokwari Regency by the Manokwari Two-Wheel Service Association and temporary tariffs for public transportation in the area of ​​Sorong Regency.

“We routinely carry out market inspections and market operations to prevent price speculation at the retailer level, including inter-regional cooperation with Business to Business animal feed raw materials with business actors in South Sulawesi and DKI Jakarta Provinces,” he said.

Besides, Waterpauw also provides fuel assistance to fishermen as much as 50 liters per month for each fisherman. He also strengthened the digitization and electronization of transactions, as well as encouraging MSMEs to e-commerce.

“We are also planning to build a cold storage and ice factory and initiate the activation of the Fish Auction Place (TPI),” he explained.

Waterpau also conveyed that one of the measures taken to reduce inflation in West Papua was to carry out effective communication. For him, it is important to do to optimize the Food Task Force by holding High Level Meetings and TPID coordination meetings in order to increase synergy and coordination in controlling inflation.

“This includes urging the public not to panic buying and implementing wise spending as well as calling for the use of green yards to control inflation,” said the former Head of the National Police Headquarters.

To note, West Papua experienced a decline in inflation in October 2022 on a year to year basis from 4.96 percent in September 2022 to 4.15 in October 2022. This is lower than the national inflation rate of 5.71 percent in October 2022.

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