West Papua has More than 4,500 Islands, the Most in Indonesia

goodmorningpapua.com – West Papua is listed as the province with the largest number of islands in Indonesia. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the province with the capital city of Manokwari has 4,514 islands.

 The number of islands in West Papua reaches 26.92% of the total islands of Indonesia, which are 16,766. One of the islands in West Papua which is famous for its natural beauty and is one of the mainstays of tourist destinations is Raja Ampat.

The province with the next largest number of islands is the Riau Archipelago, with 2,025 islands (12.08%). Followed by Central Sulawesi which has 1,572 islands.

Meanwhile, Bengkulu is listed as the province with the least number of islands, which only has 9 islands (0.05%). After that, Jambi has only 14 islands (0.08%), and South Sumatra only has 24 islands (0.14%).

Until now, Indonesia is one of the countries with the most islands in the world. Geographically, the Indonesian archipelago is located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, and is located between the Asian Continent and the Australian Continent.

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