Welcoming the Yapen’s 53rd Anniversary, Citizens Work Jointly to Clean up the Market

goodmorningpapua.com – Citizens of two sub-districts and five villages held a collective action to clean up the Old Market in welcoming the 53rd Anniversary of the Yapen Islands Regency, Wednesday, March 2, 2022.

The cleaning action of the Old Market was led by the Head of the Yapen Seleten District, Since A Wihyadari, involving the fire fighting team, the Yapen Archipelago Transportation Service.

A Head of South Yapen District, Since A Wihyadari, said that this market clean-up was a series of celebrations for the anniversary of the Yapen Islands. This action targeted the Old Market and Aroro-Iroro Market, Serui.

“This activity involves residents from 2 Kelurahans (Village Administration) namely Serui Jaya Village and Tarau Village, 5 Village Heads in the coastal area namely Serui Laut, Nundawipi, Black Sand, White Sand and Bawai,” Since said.

The market clean-up action will continue until Thursday, March 3, 2022. He also hopes that the public can participate in the market clean-up movement.

“In my opinion, their participations is still lacking but they are supportive because someone came to give water, cigarettes to the workers and the officers who assisted,” said Since.

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