Welcoming Happiness, Papuan People Take a Ship for Attending the Wedding of the President’s Son

goodmorningpapua.com – The Association of Asmat Carvers from Papua is willing to come all the way by ship to the wedding reception of Kaesang Pangarep and Erina Gudono at Mangkunegaran Temple, Sunday (11/12/2022). They said that they wanted to meet President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi) family to present dances and give gifts.

The head of the Asmat Carver Association, Paskalis Wakat, when met in the Ngarsopuro area, Jalan Diponegoro, Solo, admitted that he traveled for 2 weeks by a boat to attend Kaesang and Erina’s wedding in Solo.

“It’s amazing today to meet Pak Jokowi directly. We had a dream to meet in person, today it comes true. The president, whose development has been extraordinary, has reached Papua, and that is a reality,” said Paskalis.

Paskalis departed from Papua with six colleagues from Papua wearing traditional Asmat clothing, completed with Wasse Mbi make-up. Paskalis admitted that he managed to meet Jokowi at the carnival. “Pak Jokowi said, ‘thank you for being here,'” he said.

Apart from wanting to present dance and singing performances, they wanted to give the bride and groom a souvenir in the form of a noken bag. “We have a desire to meet the bride and groom, Kaesang and Erina. We want to give you souvenirs from Papua, the Asmat (tribe). Noken (Papua typical bag),” he said.

His arrival at the same time introduced the culture of the Asmat tribe. Apart from that, Paskalis also congratulated the bride and groom.

“We came to promote culture. Out of all of Papua, we Asmat are here representing all. Yes, congratulations to Kaesang and Erina, hopefully they will enter a happy, extraordinary family,” he said.

Paskalis and his entourage also caught the attention of residents around Mangkunegaran. This can be seen from the many people asking for photos with Paskalis and the group from Papua.

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