Water of Su Comes Out, Sa Sleeps with Water

goodmorningpapua.com – PERI BERDAYA (Program for Improvement of Clean Water Facilities Community Empowerment-Based) is like the Fairy Mother who realizes the community’s desire for clean water. Now clean water flows from pipelines to 400 houses inhabited by 1,770 families in Klamono District and Klasafet District.

“We carried out a Social Mapping Papua Field in 2017 to take an inventory of the residents’ needs. There are many lists of needs put forward by the community, we discuss them. In the end, the provision of clean water is a priority,” said Hariyanto, Communication Relations & Community Involvement and Development at PT Pertamina EP Papua Field.

Maladuk Village has never experienced enough clean water. For drinking they rely on rainwater or buy water because ground water is unusable at all. If calculated, their expenditure is up to Rp. 3,240,000/year/family for consumption. This need is slightly reduced in the rainy season because they harvest rainwater.

For needs other than consumption, the villagers depend on the Klasafet River, a large river that flows through the Klasafet District. According to Silviana Kondologit, a Head of Maladuk Village, Klasafet District, every day women and children carry water from the river to fill drums. When the river level rises, residents take water with buckets to be stored in drums.

“If a day can be up to 2 drums for family needs. Most of them are carrying mothers and children who help,” said Silviana. One drum contains 200 liters. To meet the water needs of the family is mostly done by women. Men usually only take water for bathing purposes and don’t use too much water at home because women are mostly doing household activities.

The Klasafet River, however murky the water, is the lifeblood of this village. They interacted with the river from looking for fish, supporting transportation other than by land, bathing, washing, to a playground for children. From newborns to adults, they use river water for bathing. Mud and cloudy water became familiar to them.

“I have always known that the water is also cloudy but never dry,” said Arnold Wamblesa (59 years), a resident of Kampung Maladuk. Arnold is one of the lucky ones because he has received clean water facilities from Pertamina since 1998 when he became one of the staff at Pertamina. However, this actually made Arnold excited so that other residents also had access to water like himself. So, PERI BERDAYA was born from the needs of the people.

Klamono District and Klasafet District, are Ring 1 areas of PT Pertamina EP Papua Field which are limited by a large water source, namely the Klasafet River. The river that never dries is suitable as a source of raw water for residents.

“There are several ways to treat clean water, we consider simple technology so that residents can operate themselves so that empowerment and independence of residents, especially regarding clean water can be achieved,” added Hariyanto. He also said that clean water is a basic human need. If clean water is sufficient, it will have an impact on other economic activities in addition to improving the quality of life and the welfare of the community will be achieved.

In 2018, PERI BERDAYA was implemented on a home scale by installing a biosand water filter. Several communities have received benefits from the Pertamina Papua Field CSR program. In addition to MCK with river water and dug well water sources, they can get clean water from river water filtration.

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