Watching Mount Carstensz in Papua, Where Indonesian Pedestrians Can Feel Snow – Besides Raja Ampat, Papua also has a famous tourist destination that many people covet, namely Mount Carstensz. This mountain is located at an altitude of 4,884 meters above sea level (masl) and is covered with eternal snow.

Mount Carstensz is one of the seven mountains known as the Seven Peaks of the World. Here, Indonesian climbers can feel the snow. It takes careful preparation to climb to this mountain.

To be able to climb on Mount Cartensz, climbers have to spend a lot of money. The cost to get to the top of Mount Carstensz is said to reach Rp. 25 million per person.

Climbers must prepare physically and mentally before climbing Mount Cartensz, because the weather on this mountain is very extreme.

However, as time goes by, due to global warming, the presence of snow on Mount Cartensz is increasingly concerning. There are even predictions that the snow on the mountain will disappear in a few years.

Despite being in Indonesia, the first person to climb Mount Carstensz was not an Indonesian, but an Austrian named Heinrich Harrer.

Heinrich Harrer is a mountaineer and sportsman. He managed to conquer Mount Cartensz with his friends, Robert Philip temple, Russel Kippax and Albertus Huizenga in 1962.

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