Wasur National Park in Papua, a Paradise for Endemic Fauna of Cenderawasih Earth

goodmorningpapua.com – Papua is the eastern region of Indonesia known for its stunning natural wealth. Not only in the ocean, but also on the  land.

When you go to Papua, the tourim location you can visit is Wasur National Park. The conservation site has hundreds of unique Papuan endemic fauna species.

For example kangaroo. There, you can find various endemic species of kangaroos such as lively kangaroos, forest kangaroos, bus kangaroos and tree kangaroos.

The tree kangaroo is also the inspiration for the creation of the  mascot for PON of Papua 2021 which is being held. The character, called Kangpho, is described as a tree kangaroo using a tassel of bark at the waist and a typical Papuan carving.

Wasur National Park also has important wetlands for waterbirds in Indonesia and migratory birds to and from Australia and New Zealand. Usually, many of these migratory birds migrate to Wasur National Park in October to seek warmth.

Not only birds, fish also seems happy to be in Wasur National Park. For example striped chopsticks, yellow snapper, thorn fish, small glass fish and others. Then,   reptiles at this location includes crocodiles, monitor lizards, Irian long neck turtles, red chested turtles, chameleons, and many more others.

In addition to witnessing the diverse fauna, in Wasur National Park there are a number of tourism activities that can be enjoyed. For example, soaking in the Biras Bathing Pool, camping at the Wasur National Park Campground, enjoying the beauty of the sunset while boating and swimming at Ndalir Beach, fishing in Rawa Biru to buying handicrafts in Wasur and Yanggandur villages.

In terms of local wisdom, Wasur National Park provides cultural tourism of 4 indigenous tribes, namely Marori Men-Gey, Kanume, Yeinan and Malind Imbuti. The locals will perform dances and serve traditional dishes.

With a land area of ​​304,000 hectares, Wasur National Park covered 4 sub-districts in Merauke Regency, Papua. The distance can be reached in about 30 minutes from the city center.

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