Wamendagri: I Apppeal Papuans to Unite

goodmorningpapua.com – A Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, John Wempi Wetipo, appealed the Papuan people to participate in development in order to achieve mutual prosperity. He said it was responding to the rejection of various elements regarding the formation of three new provinces in Papua.

“I urge youth leaders, community leaders, traditional leaders, religious leaders, let’s work together and unite to build a better Papua so that Papuans themselves don’t die in vain on their own land,” Wempi said in an event on CNN Indonesia. TV.

Wempi agreed that there had been refusal from several elements of society. However, at present the DPR has ratified a law and Indonesia has officially had three new provinces.

For him, currently it is better for all elements of Papua to unite and synergize for mutual prosperity, since Indonesia has officially had three new provinces in Papua.

“If people do politics, please do politics. But we must know that our task is how to raise the dignity of the Papuan people so that they can live better,” he said.

Wempi explained that the land of Papua is rich in natural resources. It’s just a matter of how local people use it.

He said the central government had also issued Presidential Instruction No. 9 of 2022 to give Papuans access to become masters in their own land. “At least we can open space so that there is investment. At least there are other mini-mini PT. Freeport that can be opened, so that the sons of the region can get the opportunity to work,” said Wempi.

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