W20 Papua Boosts Local Communities’ Economy

goodmorningpapua.com – West Papua was chosen as the location for the Side Host Event Women of Twenty (W20). It is believed that the series of events of the Group of Twenty (G20) Summit will raise the economy of the local people of West Papua.

A Chairwoman W20 Hadriani Silalahi said, the location of the event in West Papua also aims to promote the charm of natural beauty and show that the land of Papua is a safe and peaceful area.

“This promotion will certainly have an impact on improving the economy of the Papuan people. Through W20, Papua has the opportunity to show the world that Papua is worthy of a visit,” said Hadriani in her official statement, Tuesday (1/3/2022).

Hadriani said that the Side Event G20  are expected to be a driving force for the regional economy, especially in introducing the advantages of Indonesian local products. Moreover, West Papua Province is well-known for its stunning natural beauty, such as valleys, lakes, and beaches. The arrival of delegates from various countries to Papua will of course make the circulation of money in Papua increase.

“Delegates who come to the W20 event will certainly look for souvenirs to bring back to their countries,” she said.

Previously, the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto said that the economic growth of West Papua Province in the second quarter of 2021 was -2.39 percent, which means it was far below the national 7.07 percent. Airlangga said that West Papua Province was still dominated by the service and trade sectors so that it became the concern of the regional government to continue to encourage economic improvement.

For this reason, the opportunity for the W20 Side Event Host in West Papua is a momentum for West Papua to revive the sluggish economic sector. Promotion of tourism and local products in Papua needs to be intensified again in order to improve the economy of the West Papuan people, which previously had slumped in the second quarter of 2021.

Hadriani explained that in the W20 Side Host Event there were 4 first ladies to be speakers, namely from Mexico, Germany, India and Japan. There are a number of topics for this year’s W20, among which to be discussed regarding Woman Disability and rural areas inclusion. “In addition to these speakers, a number of guests will also attend, namely representatives from W20 and Pacific countries,” she said.

“The W20 West Papua Side Host Event must of course be used properly so that the event is not only a ceremonial implementation, but also as an effort to improve the economy of the people in West Papua,” she concluded.

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