Vocational Training for Papuan Children

goodmorningpapua.com – PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur (Pupuk Kaltim/PKT) officially accepts participants from the Vocational Education program which is equivalent to Diploma 1 from the Provinces of Papua, West Papua and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT),  for the sake of preparing reliable and skilled human resources according to the needs of the industrial world.

The participants were symbolically received by PKT HR SVP Endang Murtiningsih, from the Head of the West Papua Province Education Office, Barnabas Donansiba at the Grand Equator Hotel Bontang, on Sunday (16/1/2022).

Endang explained, the total participants taking part in this program were 50 people, consisting of 35 participants from Papua, West Papua and NTT, plus 15 participants from Bontang.

This program is a form of follow-up to the PKT collaboration with the Industrial Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDMI) of the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, to support the Company’s business transformation in the face of the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) era.

“The cooperation with the Vocational education program that is equivalent to Diploma 1 also cooperates with the ATI Makassar Polytechnic, South Sulawesi, with a maximum study period of 1 year,” said Endang, Monday (17/1/2022).

This program is in line with the PKT spirit in supporting the strengthening of vocational education in Indonesia, implemented through community capacity building to produce superior human resources who are ready to work in various fields.

The participants will get link and match material in accord with industry needs, with a material composition of 40 percent theory and 60 percent practice.

The implementation of the program is also supported by the Learning and Development Infrastructure prepared by PKT to build a culture of learning agility, by providing various interesting and accessible learning facilities.

“Apart from receiving a diploma which is equivalent to Diploma 1, participants who are declared competent will also receive professional certificates from the PKT and BNSP,” explained Endang.

Furthermore, the development of vocational education which is realized through support for education, training and competence programs to apprenticeships, has been continuously implemented by PKT in the last 2 years.

All of these programs collaborate with various parties, such as the PKT-supported Training and Skills Institute (LPK) and the Government.

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