Visiting Yapen, Danlanal Biak Prays for Regent’s Recovery from Covid-19 – A commander of the Biak Naval Base (Danlanal), Colonel Carlos Deda, did a working visit to the Yapen Islands Regency, Papua, Wednesday 26 January 2022.

During the visit received by the Acting Secretary of the Yapen Islands Region Erny R Tania at the regent’s house, Carlos prayed for the recovery of Yapen Regent, Tonny Tesar, from Covid-19.

‚ÄúThis is my second time for visiting Yapen, the progress is quite fast here, the development is progressing and the tourism is also good. Of course, we also hope that the regent (Tonny Tesar) and the deputy regent (Frans Sanadi) will recover soon,” said Carlos.

On that occasion, Carlos also explained the purpose of his visit with his wife, which was none other than to strengthen the relationship between the Navy Base in Yapen and the Yapen Archipelago Government.

“Therefore, the regent, through the Acting Secretary (Erny Tania), we ask for support regarding the facilities and infrastructure,” said Carlos.

Meanwhile, the Acting Secretary of the Yapen Archipelago, Erny R Tania, supports the improvement of the Navy’s facilities in the Yapen Islands. She will also convey to the leaders related to the Navy’s wishes.

“In principle, I really support the plan, later we will also convey it to our leader regarding this, because this is also a good goal,” said Erny.

Ending the visit, Danlanal Biak Colonel Carlos Deda exchanged souvenirs with the Acting Secretary of the Yapen Islands Erny R Tania representing the Yapen Islands Regency Government.

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