Visiting Papua, 14 Young Composers Expected to Work Based on Research Results – Papuan Art Facilitator, Djoko Suranto, hopes that 14 composers visiting Papua can produce works based on research results

During the week, 14 young composers will make a visit to Jayapura City as a form of strengthening the artist ecosystem to maintain the survival of Nusantara art as Indonesian cultural heritage.

This activity is carried out by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology through the Directorate General of Culture, film, music and media.

“Their bodies are already basic in music, so there is already music there, but culture is important so they need to be given an understanding,” said Djoko Suranto at the Hiroshi Cycloop Nature Lovers Club, Sentani, Sentani City District, Tuesday (12/7). /2022).

According to him, these young composers not only produce a work but also knowledge in the field, which then becomes the basis of the work.

“When we are here, there is extraordinary knowledge acquired from culture, especially the arts, this knowledge that may not have been told so far but then opened up. I think it is to stimulate this young composer to investigate further,” he said.

From the results of the visit, he said, the most important part is that the composers discuss more so that the work displayed is not a final work but is continuous.

Electronic Music and Soundscape Composer, Rani Jambak said the visit was the first visit to Eastern Indonesia, Papua.

His visit to the market, according to him, is to see the social context in which the community gets a new soudscape through dialogue and nature.

“I am amazed at the wealth in Papua, it is time for the generation to know more deeply to recognize their own cultural roots,” he said.

In the program, said Rani, divided into groups to collaborate with different musical backgrounds.

“This week we will proceed, hopefully it will provide a new style through research still being conducted,” he added.

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