Verry Dwi Irjayanto, Back in Hunting for the PON Gold Medal in the Diving Branch – The Indonesian Diving Association or POSSI of Papua should be proud of Verry Dwi Irjayanto’s achievements. The diving athlete who was born in Nabire, July 19, 1983, was a gold medalist at the National Sports Week or PON XIX of West Java in 2016. Now, Verrry is back in pursuing of a gold medal in the 2021 PON XX Papua.

Like his fellow diver, Miftachul Muabidin, Verry Irjayanto is also a Marine who serves in the Marine Infantry Battalion X of Jayapura. Although he was born in Nabire, Verry only joined the Papua diving team in 2011, after he was transferred from Lampung to Papua.

At that time, Muabidin was the first to introduce Verry to diving. Verry only has a month to forge himself to be a diving athlete. With this limited preparation, Verry participated in Pre PON Riau in 2011. “It was my first time appearing in diving,” he said.

Verry made a surprise by winning a gold medal in Pre-PON Riau 2011. Unfortunately, when competing in PON XVIII Riau 2012, he actually failed to win a gold medal. “[During] PON, we were unlucky. It wasn’t just us, almost all of the contingents failed there,” he recalled.

After PON XVIII Riau 2012, Verry continued to make achievements. In Sail Raja Ampat in 2014, he won 1 gold medal and 1 bronze medal. In the Pre-PON West Java in 2015, he won a silver medal. Then in the KSAL Cup in Kendari, he won two gold medals. Verry also won 1 gold medal at the 2015 Regional Diving Championships, 1 gold medal and 1 silver medal at Tanah Merah Sail.

At its peak, Verry was able to make up for his failure in PON XVIII Riau 2012, and won a gold medal in PON XIX West Java 2016. At that time, Verry won the men’s Underwater Orientation (OBA) 5 point course race. “That’s my specialist number,” he explained.

Ahead of the PON XX of Papua, Verry was again determined to present a gold medal. Even though he admits that he is burdened by the target, Verry will try his best.

A special Papuan dive trainer in the Underwater Orientation (OBA) number, Absentinus Sembiring said the Papuan PON diving team has two superior senior divers. This is based on the track record of Papuan diving athletes in PON XIX West Java.

Chairman of POSSI Papua, Gilbert Yakwart stated that his party set a target to win five gold medals at PON XX of Papua. He even hopes that the Papuan PON diving team can win more gold medals.

Gilbert Yakwart said his team still had a chance to win a gold medal from more events. The reason is, Gilbert saw the rapid development of a number of diving athletes in the last few weeks.

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