Various Responses of Community Seeing an Acting Regent Mappi Blusukan to Remote Areas – The working visit of the Acting Regent of Mappi, Michael R Gomar S.STP, M.Si to a number of districts in order to review public services in remote areas left a positive impression on the community.

Various compliments and expressions of gratitude poured in from the people of 5 districts in Mappi Regency for the care of Acting Regent Michael Gomar for the condition of infrastructure and services in remote areas.

As stated by a Chairman of the Eidera District Customary Council, Ipolitus D. Yikamtahae, who was grateful for the visit of the number one person in Mappi Regency to remote areas to see the condition of the Auyu Laut people.

“We are very happy and grateful for the visit of the Acting Regent who came to see our area and have direct dialogue with us, the people here. We miss a leader, a father like the Acting Regent who immediately stepped down and saw our condition in the community,” he said, Friday, October 7, 2022.

The same thing was conveyed by the Head of Yame Village, Yakomi District, Klemen Maye, who thanked the Acting Regent of Mappi who had visited to see the people of his village.

According to Klemen, this is an honor for the people in the area, because the location of Yame Village from Kepi City is very far. “We are very happy with the visit of the Acting Regent, we are happy to welcome the Acting Regent with our traditional dance in Yame Village,” he said.

The Yakomi District Community Leader, Bruno Misa also expressed his appreciation. He considered the visit of the Acting Regent of Mappu to be a new beginning and hope for people in remote areas.

“The presence of the Acting Regent is a new beginning and raises new hope for us here. Where to talk about education, health, the economy of the community, Mr. Pj came directly here and directly talked to the community itself, “he said.

An expression of gratitude was also conveyed by the Head of Obeta Village, Yosep. For him, the presence of leaders in the middle of the village has been missed by the community so that development can run.

“The village of Obeta is 20 minutes from the District Office, but the Acting Regent immediately visited the community in the village to see places of worship and schools in the village using a speedboat. We are very happy that the Acting Regent could come and see our village,” he said.

The Acting Regent of Mappi Michael Gomar also received a warm welcome when he arrived at the Port of Bamgi District. This was due to the enthusiasm of the community and the Head of the Bamgi District, Agustinus Mayabubun, who was waiting for a leader’s visit.

“The community really misses the presence of Mr. (Acting Regent), to be honest, because it was almost rare for the previous regent leadership to visit the district based on reports from the community. On behalf of the Bamgi District Government and the community, I would like to thank you for coming to our district,” he said.

The community in Venaha District also showed similar enthusiasm. The community even performed traditional dances from the port to the Venaha District Office as an expression of gratitude for the visit of the Acting Regent of Mappi.

Positive impressions also came from a number of medical officers and teachers from 5 districts. They even could not believe that the acting regional head would spend the night in the district to hear input from the community.

“We, the people, are very happy, the Acting Regent can come to visit the district and village, meet and discuss, spend the night sleeping in the district, sit down to eat, drink coffee and eat betel nut with the community,” said the medical officers and teachers.

It is known that the Acting Regent of Mappi, Michael R. Gomar visited a number of districts for 5 days to review public services in remote areas. In addition to checking health services at the Puskesmas, Michael also visited schools, places of worship and TNI-Polri infrastructure

During his first visit, the Acting Regent of Mappi was accompanied by two members of the Mappi DPRD, Representatives of the Mappi Police and Wadanki Kompi 2 Bade. Not just a visit, the Acting Regent Mappi stayed for 5 days in the district he visited.

It is because the geographical conditions are quite difficult and must be reached by speedboat for 2 to 3 hours of travel. Even the community was very enthusiastic about welcoming the entourage by preparing dishes in the form of pork, chicken, deer and areca nut as a thank you. The 5 districts visited by the Acting Regent of Mappi were from Edera District, Yakomi District, Venaha District, Syachme District to Bamgi District. It is planned that the acting head of the Mappi region will continue his visit to 9 districts next week.

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