Variant of COVID-19 Gets Spread in Merauke – Two variants of COVID-19, namely Omicron and Delta, have spread in Merauke Regency. This result is known from 43 samples sent from Merauke to Labkesda Papua.

A spokesman for the Papua COVID-19 Task Force, Doctor Silwanus Sumule, explained that it was known that there were 7 positive samples from Merauke, namely 6 positive samples of Omicron and 1 Delta.

In response to this, a Head of the Merauke District Health Office, Nevile Muskita, explained the application of level status and social restrictions based on the instructions of the Minister of Home Affairs.

Until now, the Merauke Regency Government has not raised the alert status yet or implemented social restrictions, even though it is known that the spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 has escalated among the Merauke community.

“We have not received the instructions from the Minister of Home Affairs, although currently there is a new variant being distributed,” he said, contacted via his mobile phone, Thursday, February 10, 2022.

With the surge in COVID-19 in Merauke, the local government has reactivated the COVID-19 Task Force to tighten restrictions on the community.

Nevile also said that he would evaluate a number of activities that involve many people, for example activities ahead of the 120th anniversary of Merauke City, such as the UMKM market activities and the ongoing entertainment stage.

“Later there will be an evaluation of crowds because there are a number of government activities that involve community gatherings,” he said.

Nevile invoked the community to keep working on health and everything to return to public awareness, for example undergoing vaccination and health care discipline. “Don’t be careless, the public must comply the procedures and the vaccine is mandatory, that’s the key. ” he said.

As of Wednesday, February 9, 2022, COVID-19 cases in Merauke reached 96 cases and most of the patients underwent self-isolation.

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