Utilizing Sago Dregs to Become Briquettes, West Papua Community Education College

goodmorningpapua.com – Making briquettes from sago waste as an alternative material can be developed into a home industry for the people in Kabuwo Village, Teluk Woudama Regency, West Papua.

This was proven through community empowerment from the University of Papua (UNIPA) together with Makassar State University (UNM).

In the practicing of the tool for making briquettes from sago dregs, it is conducted through the Ministry of Education and Research and Technology’s Kosabangsa DRTPM Program.

Using the wasted sago dregs is a community empowerment activity where previously the sago pulp was not utilized, so it trains partner communities to make briquettes.

The Kosabangsa Program from the DRTPM Ministry of Education and Culture through the University of Papua which was carried out by Dr. Bertha Mangallo and accompanied by a Lecturer at Makassar State University Prof. Dr. Ir. Bakhrani A. Rauf, MT, IPU and team.

Prof. Bakhrani Rauf said that the community partnership program meant that the people of Kabuwo village were able to have excellent skills and abilities in producing household-scale briquettes from sago waste waste.

“The partner sago farmer group, which previously had only wasted sago dregs, with the practicing tool for producing the sago dregs briquette, the partners finally got additional income for themselves and their family needs,” said the Head of LP2M UNM.

The sago farmer partner group is very grateful to the implementer of the Kosabangsa program from UNIPA and UNM assistants for the application of the tool for making briquettes from sago dregs to the Iwal (partner) sago farmer group.

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